Billing Policy

Your processing fee will be charged five to ten days after signing up for services once work is performed, unless otherwise instructed to process payment sooner.  Your monthly fee starts 30 days after the processing fee is paid.  Your account is billed in arrears (after services have been performed) similar to how a utility bill is charged.  Basically, you are paying for last month's services.  Because fees are charged after rendering services, you should expect to pay a final fee when you choose to end services and fees are generally not refundable.  A final fee will be charged on the day you end services.  Depending on which payment method you have selected, fees will either be charged to your credit or debit card or drafted from your bank account. 


You agree to pay the following late charge when payment for services are not honored upon first presentment to your credit or debit card company or bank: $15.00 for Essentials, Premiere, and Exclusive; $10.00 for Limited and Monitor; or $5 for Optimize.  If any form of payment you supply is uncollectible for any reason, a dishonored payment fee of $35.00 each attempt to collect the payment due as well as a $15.00 late fee for each attempted payment that is missed and/or late may apply.  A $15.00 fee for changing the original monthly fee date stated in the Service Agreement to a different or later date may apply.  


You agree not to close the bank account authorized to withdraw payments from or provide a prepaid card.  You agree not to fraudulently chargeback payments for services rendered as a minimum chargeback fee of $500 will be assessed to each individual associated with the selected plan, including but not limited to additional fees associated with court filing fees, attorney fees, and processing fees.  Should you be required to change the authorized bank account, you must notify us immediately and complete a New Payment Authorization Form, as any interruption in the payment of due fees will require us to discontinue services.