Billing Policy

Credit Lynx never charges before any services are fully performed. Fees are collected on a periodic basis, but only for services previously provided. Because fees are charged after rendering services, you should expect to pay a final fee when you choose to end Services and fees are generally not refundable.


A Service Period fee, based on the selected plan, is charged five to fifteen days from the date of your Service Agreement, unless otherwise instructed to do so sooner. This fee will be charged after related services have been fully rendered. When you elect to continue additional Service Period(s) at a selected plan, you will be charged the following at the end of each Service Period for work previously and fully rendered. Charges will be processed on or about the same day of each month for each Service Period(s) until you elect to suspend or cancel Services. For shorter months, you agree that charges due on the thirty-first will be taken out on the thirtieth, and in February you will be charged on the twenty-eighth (or twenty-ninth on leap year) should you be setup to pay during the twenty-ninth to the thirty-first time period. For example, if a fee for Services was charged on the seventh of the month and you choose to continue for another Service Period, the fee for that Service Period will be charged on or about the seventh of the next month for work previously and fully rendered. (The specific day of the month may vary slightly due to weekends and holidays.) While the amount of work performed may vary from Service Period to Service Period, your monthly fee for additionally elected Service Periods will remain the same and will be collected only for services previously and completely rendered.A final fee will be charged on the day you end Services.