How Does the Consumer Credit Protection Act Work?

consumer credit protection act

Enacted on May 29, 1968, the Consumer Credit Protection Act (CCPA) was created to protect American consumers when accessing credit. This federal legislation requires lenders, such as credit card companies, banks, and auto-leasing firms, to adhere to specific disclosure requirements. Ideally, they have to inform consumers about annual percentage rates, and not just the stand-alone…

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Your Credit Score Guide: What Is a Good Credit Score?

checking credit scores

What is a good credit score? Where does my score currently stand? How is it affecting my life? If you’re asking yourself these questions, you’re not alone. In fact, a recent study showed that sixty percent of American adults had not reviewed their credit score at any point in the previous year. But it’s never…

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Building a Solid Credit Foundation – Budget Mastery

Budget, Follow a budget, Budget Mastery, create a budget, credit foundation

Budget Towards Good Credit Budgeting is the fundamental role for getting and keeping good credit. By doing so, you are building a solid credit foundation to build your future on.  No one really offers this in a credit repair program, and if it is an option, it would be in your best interest to set yourself up for…

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Why You Should Not Shop on Impulse

rebuilding credit

Avoiding the Impulse Are you aware of the importance of following a budget? If you need a little guidance to get you on the right track, here are some basic tips and suggestions. Keep in mind, that using a budget is a fundamental role in getting and keeping excellent credit.  Below, you will find how…

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5 Things That Influence Your Credit Score

credit score

As we all know, a person’s credit score affects almost every important financial road in day-to-day life. From student loans to opening your own business, a credit evaluation will be first in line during an application process. Below are a few factors that influence your credit score. Payment History Everyone has bills. Phone statements, car…

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What To Do When Getting Your Credit Repaired


While in our credit repair program or any for that matter, you should adhere to the following to ensure the best results as well as set yourself up for success in the future. Some of these may not apply to your case and you should contact us if there are any questions. Do not apply for any…

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Top 5 Credit Mistakes Clients Have Made

credit cards

There are a lot of questions that revolve around credit and how to repair it. While helping our clients, we came across a number of common credit mistakes they were making. This inspired us to put together this list of 5 credit mistakes our clients have made in the past to help you avoid making them in the…

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