Refund Policy

In the credit repair industry, no company can predict, promise or guarantee a certain outcome when working on your credit report.

If you are not satisfied with us, we offer a money back guarantee! Under our Limited, Limited Plus, Premiere, and Premiere Plus Plan, if you:

  • Have never used a credit repair or debt consolidation company or attempted to repair your own credit within the previous two years from starting our program,
  • Have been with us for more than 120 days and have paid consecutively,
  • Have been immediately forwarding all reports and letters each month within 10 days of receipt,
  • Have been complying with the commitments to the service program,
  • And if we have not been able to improve your report by removing, fixing, or updating any derogatory, inaccurate items from your credit report,

then we will gladly provide you a refund if all of these requirements have been met!  The initial processing fee and all accrued charges, with the exception of last month's payment, are nonrefundable since services were performed. 

Under our Exclusive and Exclusive Plus Plan, a refund isn't possible since you are only paying for the deletion, fixing, or updating of derogatory items being reported on your credit report and would only be charged for results anyways.  The initial processing fee is nonrefundable since services were performed to create your account and dispute items on your behalf.